Gulfstream Strategic Placements



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Gulfstream Strategic Placements began in 2014. Eric, the Lead Recruiter, started the company due to his deep passion for recruiting. Since then, the company has grown. Daniela was added as a recruiter and she has been a shining recruiter over the past year and a half. Hannah is a recent addition to the team and has assisted in writing and marketing. Of course, Norm is, and always has been, a great resource to the team.

We are a small, but highly dedicated team. Our specialty lies in recruiting specifically for the HVAC/Plumbing mechanical construction industry. As our company focuses its sole purpose in one industry, the work we do is never spread too thin. We are able to hone in our abilities and continuously educate ourselves of the new technologies and criteria needed to work in the commercial construction industry. Our goal is to grow as a company and continue to garner more skills together. We hope to become the highest-rated recruiting company in the commercial construction industry.