Gulfstream Strategic Placements

AHR Expo 2019


If you’re apart of the HVACR field, you don’t want to miss this event!

One weekend a year, ASHRAE and AHRI (along with other organizations) help fund this

event to bring together all kinds of workers in the HVACR field. The event covers all things

HVACR, such as new technologies arising in the industry, opportunities to converse with

different manufacturers to grow your clientele, and more!


As the industry is always changing, it’s smart to be ahead of the inevitable

conversions from one popular product to another. To ensure your

company is well-versed and up to date with the happenings of the HVACR

business. The expo covers industrial, commercial, and offers seminars to

discuss new products on the market, etc.

The event will be happening from January 14th - January 16th in Atlanta, Georgia. Visit the AHR Expo website to cement your spot at the event. For more information, follow this link to be guided to the AHR Expo website to register for the event!